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Answers to some of the most common questions concerning death, funeral service options, and choosing the right funeral home.

To respect your time, we encourage you to contact any of our Chapels and speak with one of our Directors who will respond to your specific questions.

Q: How much does a funeral cost?

A: There is no direct answer to this question. The cost is based on the services and products selected whether it be in advance or at the time of a death. Like any major purchase, it is important to seek this information out prior to being in need of it. There is no fee attached to asking questions and getting answers. Planning a funeral is not familiar to many people and we understand there may be an apprehension about discussing it, we make every effort to make it easier for you to discuss and will not contact you without your request.

Q: If a death takes place somewhere other than the place of residence,
do I call a funeral home there?

A: No matter where the death occurs, call one of our Chapels and we will assist you and your family.

Q: Can I “shop” funeral homes?

A: It is not uncommon for people to “shop around” seeking the funeral home that meets their needs. People have their own criteria to satisfy like any other purchase. We have been told that reputation is important along with… location (accessible by public transit), facilities need to be ‘home-like’ and not commercial, ownership (Canadian versus international, family owned versus corporate), staff answer the phones 24/7 rather than an outside agency, bereavement support available and many other facets.

You need to be aware that some companies will compromise their service standard to keep you. Turner & Porter does not make promises we can’t keep and there is a reason we have been of service, now in our 137th year.

Q: Why have a service if I’m going to be cremated?

A: Cremation is an alternative to burial. The decision of disposition does not dictate what precedes it.

Q: When I die, I want my family to have a party or a celebration,
not a sad dreary service. Can this be done?

A: At the time of a death, we celebrate the life lived. How this celebration is created is an essential element of our discussion with you.