Our Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan is an ideal way to ensure that your loved ones will be shielded from any unexpected financial obligations during your travels.

This plan is designed to take to take care of all of the return travel details should a death occur 100 kilometers or more away from your legal residence. Bringing a loved one back home can be a complicated and expensive process. One phone call is all it takes and the process of bringing you home is immediately in process.

Have confidence knowing that our Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan offers peace of mind and absolutely no risk.

  • Assistance is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cover all of the details:
  • Available for when you travel more than 100 kilometers away from home, anywhere in the world.
  • Arranging for preparation and transportation of the deceased to the funeral home.
  • Pays all costs including rising air costs.
  • Handles all of the necessary documents including consular services if the death occurs outside of Canada.
  • Return of travel companion and family pet
  • Acceptance is guaranteed regardless of age or medical condition
  • One time enrollment fee for lifetime coverage

For additional information on our Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan, please contact our Advance Planning Centre at 416.767.6793.